Status: ReleasedIMDb
Release date: 2021-03-12
Run time: 103 minute / 1:43
Director: María Ripoll
Writers: Jason Shuman, Eduardo Cisneros.
Production Company: Itaca Films
Production Country: Mexico

War of Likes

Category: Comedy
In order to advance her career in the dynamic world of publicity in Mexico City, Raquel tries to reunite with her high school friend Cecy who has become the queen of social media. But unlike followers, friendships do not come instantly.



Regina Blandón
as Raquel Gámez
Ludwika Paleta
as Cecy Díaz
José Sefami
as Teniente Bravo
Pablo Cruz Guerrero
as Detective Marcos
Michelle Rodríguez
as Melissa
Patricia Bernal
as Zarina Clark
Paulette Hernández
as Ana Karen
Loreto Peralta
as Paola
Manolo Cardona
as Iván
Mauricio Barrientos
as Flavio
Miguel Bosé
as Miguel Bosé
Jason Shuman Screenplay

María Ripoll Director

Eduardo Cisneros Screenplay

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