Status: ReleasedIMDb
Release date: 2010-10-28
Run time: 96 minute / 1:36
Budget: $130,000,000
Revenue: $321,885,765
Director: Tom McGrath
Writers: Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons.
Production Companies: DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images, Red Hour
Production Country: United States of America


His brain is off the chain.

Categories: Animation, Action, Comedy, Family, Science Fiction
Bumbling supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.


Will Ferrell
as Megamind (voice)
Brad Pitt
as Metro Man (voice)
Tina Fey
as Roxanne Ritchi (voice)
Jonah Hill
as Hal Stewart / Tighten (voice)
David Cross
as Minion (voice)
Ben Stiller
as Bernard (voice)
Justin Theroux
as Megaminds's Father (voice)
Jessica Schulte
as Megamind's Mother (voice)
Tom McGrath
as Lord Scott / Prison Guard (voice)
Emily Nordwind
as Lady Scott (voice)
J.K. Simmons
as Warden (voice)
Ella Olivia Stiller
as Schoolchild (voice)
Quinn Dempsey Stiller
as Schoolchild (voice)
Brian Hopkins
as Prisoner (voice)
Christopher Knights
as Prison Guard (voice)
Mike Mitchell
as Father in Crowd (voice)
Jasper Johannes Andrews
as Crying Baby (voice)
Justin Long
as Minions (voice)
Bill Hader
as Bob Prickles (voice)
Amy Poehler
as Linda Prickles (voice)
Rob Corddry
as Random Citizen (voice)
Jack Blessing
as Newscaster (voice)
Stephen Kearin
as Mayor (voice)
Tom McGrath Director

Lara Breay Producer
Denise Nolan Cascino Producer
Stuart Cornfeld Executive Producer
Ben Stiller Executive Producer

Alan J. Schoolcraft Screenplay
Brent Simons Screenplay

Lorne Balfe Original Music Composer
Hans Zimmer Original Music Composer

Andy Schuhler Storyboard

Visual Effects
Simon Rodgers Visual Development

Shane Prigmore Storyboard

Kevin Kaska Orchestrator

David James Production Design

Derek Drymon Thanks
Cameron Hood Thanks
Kyle Jefferson Thanks
Mike Mitchell Thanks
Guillermo Navarro Thanks
Debbie L. O'Keeffe Thanks
Gary Trousdale Thanks
Conrad Vernon Thanks
Guillermo del Toro Creative Consultant

Holly Edwards Associate Producer

Justin Theroux Creative Consultant

Michael Andrews Editor

Leslee Feldman Casting

Timothy Lamb Art Direction

Kira Shea Smithson Administration

Visual Effects
Chris Bancroft Animation
Martin P. Hopkins Animation
Morgan R. Kelly Animation
Rani Naamani Animation
Ross Burgess Animation

Nazia Khan Actor's Assistant
Marc Bonilla Additional Music
Michael A. Levine Additional Music

Gavin Greenaway Conductor

Ariga Parseghian Finance
Vicki Hunter Finance
Terri Anderson Finance

John T. Cucci Foley

Amanda Johnstone-Batt Lighting Artist

Tom Boyd Musician
Andrew Crowley Musician
Jonathan Evans-Jones Musician
Paul Kegg Musician
Roger Linley Musician
Steve Mair Musician
Michael C. Mason Musician
Dan Newell Musician
Steve Schaeffer Musician

Christine Nguyen Production Coordinator
Bonnie Lemon Executive In Charge Of Production

Erik Pope Script Supervisor

Ariandy Chandra Title Designer

Visual Effects
Scott B. Peterson Visual Effects

Doug Pierce Set Designer

Ken Ball CG Supervisor
Annmarie Koenig CG Supervisor
Robert Lurye CG Supervisor
Michael McNeill CG Supervisor
Fatima Robinson Choreographer
Kathy Nelson Executive Music Producer
Mona Shokrai Legal Services
Alissa Rowinsky Wright Legal Services
John Hanashiro Post Production Supervisor
Andrew Birch Post-Production Manager
Gregg Carrier Software Engineer
Patrick Kelly Software Engineer
Margaret A. Decker Software Engineer
Mackenzie Thompson Software Engineer
Dave Burgess Supervising Animator
Mark Donald Supervising Animator
Anthony Hodgson Supervising Animator
Sean Mahoney Supervising Animator
Jason Spencer Galsworthy Supervising Animator
David Torres Supervising Animator
Corban Gossett Supervising Technical Director
Greg Gibson Systems Administrators & Support
Rain Angeles Systems Administrators & Support
Shawn Bohonos Systems Administrators & Support
Dave Dinsmore Systems Administrators & Support
Dj Downey Systems Administrators & Support
Alireza Estakhrian Systems Administrators & Support
Bart Feliciano Systems Administrators & Support
Othieno Okong'o Systems Administrators & Support
John Finklea Temp Music Editor
David Hail Unit Publicist

Liska Ostojic Script Coordinator

John Dorst Assistant Editor
Robert W. Hedland Assistant Editor
Daniel Ortiz Assistant Editor
William M. Steinberg Assistant Editor
Lynn Hobson Associate Editor
Christopher Knights Associate Editor
Michelle Mendenhall Associate Editor
Madison Sellers Editorial Production Assistant

Sucheta Bhatawadekar Lighting Artist
Clint Colver Lighting Artist
Mark A. Decker Lighting Artist
Antoine Deschamps Lighting Artist
Kirsten Drummond Lighting Artist
Julien Forest Lighting Artist
Navjit Singh Gill Lighting Artist
Dorien Gunnels Lighting Artist
Glen Gustafson Lighting Artist
George Ho Lighting Artist
Noel Hocquet Lighting Artist
Gregory Jennings Lighting Artist
Kurt Kaminski Lighting Artist
Oth Khotsimeuang Lighting Artist
Jennifer Leigh King Lighting Artist
Amber Stewart Lunderville Lighting Artist
Pietro Materossi Lighting Artist
Cristian Moras Lighting Artist
Hannah Sherman Lighting Artist
Prapanch Swamy Lighting Artist
Ka Yaw Tan Lighting Artist
Ryan Michael Todd Lighting Artist
Lisa M. Tse Lighting Artist
Benjamin Venancie Lighting Artist
Lori Williams Lighting Artist
Hanwei Wu Lighting Artist
Emily Yi Lighting Artist
Doug Yoshida Lighting Artist
Alfred Young Lighting Artist
Matthieu Grospiron Lighting Artist
Yuko Okumura Lighting Artist
Jack Lilburn Lighting Coordinator
William E. Arias Master Lighting Artist
Max Bruce Master Lighting Artist
Sebastien Chort Master Lighting Artist
Kevin Edwards Master Lighting Artist
Amy Rae Jones Master Lighting Artist
David C. Lawson Master Lighting Artist
Jimmy Maidens Master Lighting Artist
Marc Miller Master Lighting Artist
Tony Mitzelfelt Master Lighting Artist
Ronman Yiu Yan Ng Master Lighting Artist
Eli Rod Master Lighting Artist
Milton E. Rodriguez-Rios Master Lighting Artist
Geri Smith Master Lighting Artist
Jung Jin Song Master Lighting Artist
Jessi Stumpfel Master Lighting Artist
Gina Warr Master Lighting Artist
Gabriel White Master Lighting Artist

Matt Robertson Administration
Brittany Cope Casting Assistant
Mollie Gamo Casting Assistant
Christi Soper Casting Associate
Darci Zalvin Executive In Charge Of Production
Betty Tom Production Accountant
Lauren Blackshear Production Coordinator
Alyson Blume Production Coordinator
Matthew C. Campbell Production Coordinator
Tim Kwan Production Coordinator
Shane Mulholland Production Coordinator
Rachel Slansky Production Coordinator
Yimi Tong Production Coordinator
Andre de Oliviera Araujo Production Manager
Maude Lewis Production Manager
Kate Spencer Production Manager
Jannette Eng Production Supervisor
Danielle Helsaple Production Supervisor
David Isetta Production Supervisor
Diana K. Lee Production Supervisor
Camille Leganza Production Supervisor
Kelly Matthews Production Supervisor
Robyn Mesher Production Supervisor
Trinity Murphy Production Supervisor
Meredith Narrowe Production Supervisor
Malia P. Russell Production Supervisor
Steven Schweickart Production Supervisor
Ryan Genji Thomas Production Supervisor
Jessie Carbonaro Production Supervisor

Roy Latham ADR & Dubbing
Carlos Sotolongo ADR & Dubbing
R.J. Kizer ADR Editor
Andy Sisul First Assistant Sound Editor
James Ashwill Foley
Dan O'Connell Foley
Ramiro Belgardt Music Editor
Peter Oso Snell Music Editor
Chris Clad Musician
George Doering Musician
Jake Walker Musician
Rick Giovinazzo Orchestrator
Carl Rydlund Orchestrator
Slamm Andrews Scoring Mixer
Daniel Fresco Scoring Mixer
Daniel Kresco Scoring Mixer
P.K. Hooker Sound Effects Editor
John Marquis Sound Effects Editor
Tom Lalley Sound Engineer
Ryan Cole Sound Recordist
Tighe Sheldon Sound Recordist
Anna Behlmer Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Andy Nelson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Susan Dudeck Supervising ADR Editor
Erik Aadahl Supervising Sound Editor
Ethan van der Ryn Supervising Sound Editor

Visual Effects
Mike Beaulieu Animation
Julien Bocabeille Animation
Ludovic Bouancheau Animation
Bailey Brent Animation
Nelson Brown Animation
Laurent Caneiro Animation
Christopher Lee Capel Animation
Guillermo Careaga Animation
Paul Chung Animation
Katrina Conwright Animation
Melanie Cordan Animation
Michelle Cowart Animation
Cameron Fielding Animation
Alexander Fleisig Animation
Ken Fountain Animation
W. Jacob Gardner Animation
Maciek Gliwa Animation
Ryan Gong Animation
Tomoyuki Harashima Animation
Mariko Hoshi Animation
Jeffrey Joe Animation
Scott Lafleur Animation
Peer Lemmers Animation
Tommie Löfqvist Animation
Stephen Melagrano Animation
Irene Parkins Animation
Rebecca Perez Animation
Tyler Phillips Animation
Ron Pucherelli Animation
Luke Randall Animation
Mark Roennigke Animation
Cory Rogers Animation
Ben Rush Animation
Kevan Shorey Animation
David Spivack Animation
Dane Stogner Animation
Philip To Animation
Nara Youn Animation
Nicasio Nakamine Animation Production Assistant
Jason Ryan Animation Supervisor
Andy Bialk Character Designer
Devin Crane Character Designer
Sylvain Deboissy Character Designer
Timothy Lamb Character Designer
Chris Reccardi Character Designer
Tony Siruno Character Designer
Peter Farson Creature Technical Director
Cara Malek Creature Technical Director
Cliff B. Mitchell Creature Technical Director
Stephan Osterburg Creature Technical Director
Sven Pohle Creature Technical Director
Sebastien Potet Creature Technical Director
Kendal Sager Creature Technical Director
Nico Sanghrajka Creature Technical Director
Paul Timpson Creature Technical Director
Priscilla Chiu Yee Tsang Creature Technical Director
Dick Walsh Creature Technical Director
Jeff Wang Creature Technical Director
Guido Zimmermann Creature Technical Director
Drago Avdalovic Creature Technical Director
Adrian Tsang Creature Technical Director
Soongu Kwon Modeling
Steve McGrath Modeling
Paul Schoeni Modeling
Jung Jin Kang Modeling
Jeff Wagner Modeling
John Allwine VFX Artist
Benjamin Andersen VFX Artist
Shinsaku Arima VFX Artist
Greg Beckman VFX Artist
Steven Blakey VFX Artist
Julie Anne Brame VFX Artist
Markus Burki VFX Artist
Robert Chen VFX Artist
Wes Chilton VFX Artist
Tyson Erze VFX Artist
Landon Gray VFX Artist
Laurent Kermel VFX Artist
Robert Kopinsky VFX Artist
Jaemin Lee VFX Artist
Olive Lin VFX Artist
Yancy Lindquist VFX Artist
Gustav Melich VFX Artist
August Meredith VFX Artist
William Opdyke VFX Artist
Alex Patanjo VFX Artist
John Patton VFX Artist
Stephanie Siebert VFX Artist
Osamu Takehiro VFX Artist
Stuart Tett VFX Artist
Katie Van Maanen VFX Artist
Zubin Wadia VFX Artist
Jason Waltman VFX Artist
Philippe Denis VFX Supervisor
Richard Daskas Visual Development
Goro Fujita Visual Development
Alex Hagelis Visual Development
Kory Heinzen Visual Development
Chin Ko Visual Development
Travis Koller Visual Development
Bryan Gregg LaShelle Visual Development
Peter Maynez Visual Development
Sam Michlap Visual Development
Sunil Pant Visual Development
Jason William Scheier Visual Development
Stan Seo Visual Development
James Wood Wilson Visual Development
Raymond Zibach Visual Development
Shaun Graham Visual Effects
Fangwei Lee Visual Effects
Kyle Maxwell Visual Effects
Zeki Melek Visual Effects
Nikita Pavlov Visual Effects
Jason Rickwald Visual Effects
Matt Titus Visual Effects
Reny Preussker Visual Effects Coordinator

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