Brian Gleeson



mother! (2017)
as Younger Brother
Logan Lucky (2017)
as Sam Bang
Assassin's Creed (2016)
as Young Joseph
Tiger Raid (2016)
as Joe
History's Future (2016)
Rebellion (2016)
as Jimmy Mahon
Stonemouth (2015)
Darkness on the Edge of Town (2015)
as Virgil O'Riley
Standby (2014)
as Alan
Quirke (2014)
as Sinclair
The Stag (2013)
as Simon
Stay (2013)
as Liam
How to be Happy (2013)
as Cormac
Coda (2013)
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
as Gus
Wake Wood (2011)
as Martin O'Shea
The Eagle (2011)
as Traveller #1
Noreen (2010)
as Frank
What Will Survive of Us (2009)
as John
The Tiger's Tail (2006)
as Connor O'Leary
as Merlin
The Flag
as Blacksod

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